I’m so glad you’re here!


Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here! The only thing that brings me more joy than yarn craft is sharing it with others! You’ll find awesome tips & tricks, joyful projects full of clear photo & video tutorials designed to expand your yarny skills, and a community that lifts each other up!


Free Crochet Tutorial – Reverse Shell Stitch

I’m so excited to share with you this free crochet tutorial for the reverse shell stitch! This is such a beautiful and flexible stitch. Depending on the number of stitches worked it can be flat and flowing or highly textured and curving. A change in stitch height can...

Free Crochet Tutorial – 3rd loop

I’m so excited to share with you this free crochet tutorial for working in the 3rd loop!  I don’t like to pick favorites, but if you look at my published patterns, I think you’ll see that I REALLY love this stitch! I know how to knit, but there’s just something about...

The Perfect Summer Crochet Pattern – The Cordelia Shawl

Sometimes I envision myself fancier than I am. This was definitely the case when I was inspired to design the Cordelia Shawl pattern! I imagined a bride, a bridesmaid or maybe even myself as a fancy wedding guest wrapping this shawl around chilly, bare shoulders of...

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