7 Small Gift Ideas for Yarn Lovers

Dec 2, 2021

I’m so excited to share with you 7 small gift ideas for yarn lovers!  I’ll be honest with you, sometimes I think finding stocking stuffers and other small gifts for everyone is one of the hardest parts of my holiday gift giving. So, I took the bait last year when I saw an article advertising “10 Perfect Stocking Stuffers for the Gentlemen in Your Life”.  Oh my goodness you guys! Not a single thing on that list was under $50! I don’t know about you, but to me, a stocking stuffer is $15 or under. Anything above that is just getting wrapped up and put under the tree, no matter how small it is! So, whether you struggle to think of ideas to share with others or you have some yarn loving people in your life and you don’t know what to get them, I’ve got you covered!

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Stitch Markers

If, like me, you subscribe to the philosophy of never too many WIPs (works in progress)  Then you know that you can never have  too many stitch markers!  Every project takes at least one, so you can never have too many! There are so many colorful and simple stitch markers you can purchase. When I started working with yarn I always had several clover stitch markers laying around.. Now that I’ve delved deep into the world of yarn, I’m absolutely in love with handmade stitch markers! You can find all sorts of gorgeous handmade stitch markers in a wide variety of materials , from metal to polymer clay to play to wood! Some of my favorites are the light weight, beautifully laser cut stitch markers from Sheinspired.

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Wooden Stitch Markers

Polymer Clay



There are several types of stitch markers and, depending on your project, you may need one or all of them! There are locking stitch markers which often look like a safety pin. These are easily moved throughout your project and great for placing through your live stitches while you’re crocheting. There are also split ring stitch markers which are exactly what they sound like, a circle with an opening.. These are easily moved throughout your project if you need to move a stitch marker at each row, but can sometimes fall out of place. If you’re a knitter, there are also ring stitch markers, which are also usually just called stitch markers. These are a complete circle with no opening that can slide around your knitting needle to mark specific spots in your knitting project.

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Locking Stitch Markers

Split Stitch Markers

Circular Stitch Markers


If you, or your yarn loving friend, already has lots of stitch markers, or you’re unsure which type of stitch markers to get, a small container to store and organize stitch markers might be a fun little gift! I like the size and cost of this one on Amazon.


Row Counter

A row counter is a super handy tool and does exactly what the name says – it counts your rows! Whether you need to work a specific number of rows in a pattern or you want to make sure you get your sleeves exactly the same length, a row counter can help you do that! This small tool comes in every size, shape, and price point. You can go super simple with a plastic, manual row counter that is small and super inexpensive. Or you can go super fancy with an with  A beautiful handmaid row counter that is as gorgeous as gorgeous as any jewelry!

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Super Small

Lanyard Style


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Gorgeous Enamel Row Counter



I love small, inexpensive things that bring me joy! Stickers are one of these things for me. Give me a beautiful or funny sticker and you will make my day. While putting stickers on a computer or water bottle may be fun and trendy, it’s not for everyone. If you love collecting stickers but don’t want to put them on your expensive things, I suggest adding them to the front of a journal. I have yarn stickers on the front of my design journal and they make me happy every time I open it! 



Etsy is a great place to shop for fun and unique stickers! I especially love my stickers from Rebekah Haas Crochet and Green Fox Farms! But a quick search for yarn stickers, crochet stickers, or knitting stickers will get you pages and pages of is and pages of fun stickers to look through!



Gauge Ruler

OK, I know you might think I’m being dramatic, but having a gauge ruler was a total game changer! To be honest, I found myself drooling over other peoples gorgeous, wooden gauge rulers and just wanted this cute tool for pretty pictures. But, once I got a gauge ruler in my hands, it made measuring my gauge so, so, so much easier! Not only did it make measuring my gauge easier; but also, it made my gauge measurements more accurate! Especially if you or someone you know makes a lot of garments, this is a spectacular must have tool!



Wraps per inch tool

If you or someone you’re searching for a gift for has all of the fun yarn tools you can think of, this may be the perfect gift for them. Lots of people have not heard of or used a wraps per inch tool. This tool helps compare the width and weight of any given yarn. So whether you come across yarn without a label, or you just want to compare the actual weight of one yarn to another, this tool can be very helpful. 


Once I finish up a project, I like to take the leftover yarn and wind it into a ball. I often just toss these into a basket, bowl or a vase without a tag. Often I can remember the yarn and look it up online to figure out what weight it is. But sometimes I’m more forgetful and the wraps per inch tool can help me use my scraps by allowing me to figure out what weight the yarn I have.


Even if you don’t make a habit of storing your yarn without labels, this can still be a helpful tool. Yarn weight can be a bit like jean sizes, labeled the same thing, but not actually exactly the same size. It can be helpful to use a wraps per inch tool to compare yarns within the same weight category. You may find that one yarn over the other is more true to what the designer used and therefore we’ll make meeting gauge on that project easier.


Tape Measure

Having fun, bright tools makes crafting more fun for me!! Adorable, colorful tape measures definitely fall into this category! Whether you’re measuring your project, or measuring for fit, most yarn crafters need a tape measure. While the $1.99 one from Joanne’s will do just fine, it’s awfully fun to have one in a bright color, or with an adorable case.Check out the links below for lots of fun and unique options.



Shop WeCrochet:


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Adorable Lamb

Bold Pattern



Support Etsy Makers:



Tapestry Needles

OK, I’ll admit that this one is not as exciting as a sparkly tape measure, but this is one of the most useful tools in my arsenal. Every project has ends that need to be woven in and while the extremely inexpensive plastic needles will do, I think you’ll find the task to be slightly more enjoyable with a really nice set of tapestry needles. My favorites by far are the metal tapestry needles from Clover. They come in sets of several sizes making them perfect for every yarn weight.  While I typically avoid working with metal tools, a metal tapestry needle is perfect for the job! It slides so nicely through the yarn which makes weaving in ends go quickly and smoothly!


Small Needles

Jumbo Needles


So there you have it! 7 small gift ideas for yarn lovers! While many of the links above go to larger companies or Amazon, I highly encourage you to look around for these items made by small businesses, sold by local artisans or at your local yarn shop . It is always wonderful to be able to support small businesses and local artisans!


Affiliate Links

I’d also like to share a quick note on affiliate links. Many of the links above are affiliate links. When you use these links and purchase items I earn a small commission. This does not increase the price you pay, but does support my small business business. I would be so appreciative if you would use these links when shopping! You can even pass this blog post along to your loved ones so they can purchase your gifts through them. Thanks as always for your support!


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