Hello, Hello!

I come from a long line of chronic craft collectors, all of us loving to try out every new craft we find! I enjoy everything from painting to sewing to drawing, but I feel I’ve really found my crafty home in crocheting and knitting. Always following my personal belief of “never too many WIPs” (works in progress) I always have something on my hook and needles. I almost always have a project with me wherever I go!

I began my small business journey making finished items for other people, but after years of making other people’s designs, I found myself drawn to creating my own designs. While I began designing whatever looked like fun, I believe I’ve really found my calling blending my love of teaching and design. As a natural teacher and creative, I love helping other crafters find joy and confidence through my modern designs. Every one of my designs is a tool to teach new skills through precise instructions, clear photos, and video tutorials. I hope you’ll enjoy crafting and growing with me!

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