Beginner Tunisian Crochet Scarf Pattern

Oct 17, 2021

I know you’re going to love this beginner Tunisian crochet scarf pattern! It’s a really great beginner friendly Tunisian Fade Scarf! A couple years ago I tried Tunisian crochet on a whim and absolutely fell in love. If you knit and crochet like me, I think you’ll find Tunisian crochet to be the perfect mix between the two! But even if you’re an advanced beginner crocheter, you won’t have trouble learning Tunisian crochet.


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The Inspiration 

There are just some stitches and techniques that always draw my eye, color fades is one of them! I love it when colors seem to melt into each other across a pattern. Usually my favorite fades are in knitting, but I have to say, that may have changed to Tunisian Crochet! Blending the colors though forward and return passes gives the Tunisian Fade Scarf a unique and gorgeous look!


I have a love/hate relationship with poor sleep. Nothing is more important to me than a good night’s sleep. I never function well on little sleep. HOWEVER, many of my best design ideas come to me in the fitful time of half awake and half asleep! This was the case with the Tunisian Fade Scarf. I dreamt up the slow transition while half awake. I fully woke up in a bit of a panic and ran to get a paper and pen to write down my idea before it faded away!



Customize Your Scarf

We recently moved the furthest north I’ve ever lived and it’s made me really appreciate an extra cozy scarf! I am thrilled to share that this pattern has several options to keep you warm! You can make your Tunisian Fade Scarf in two sizes, traditional (approx. 8” wide) or blanket (approx. 24” wide). You can also choose to fade between three or five colors!


The Perfect Cold Weather Accessory

While we’re not quite to the bone chilling temperatures that will surely come in late winter, a scarf can be the perfect fall accessory too! A traditional or blanket scarf can be the perfect thing to take along when you’re out past sunset. Wrap up loosely on cool evenings and snuggle up if it gets cold. 

Tunisian crochet is awesome when it does get super cold too! The extra thick nature of Tunisian crochet fabric makes it an excellent choice for bitterly cold days.




The Yarn

It’s no secret that I’m totally in love with Stroll Yarn from WeCrochet. I’ve designed a couple patterns with it, swatched with it more times that I can count and it never disappoints! It’s a dream to work with, soft and durable. It holds up well to frogging and feels nice on your skin. I love all the vibrant colors and dye techniques it comes in too. I’ve found Stroll (75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon, 231 yds/ 50g) and Stroll Tonal (75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon, 462 yds/ 100g) to have an almost identical feel and durability. The classic Stroll yarn is a beautiful, solid yarn that comes in 34 colors from bold, to soft, to classic neutrals. At $5.99 a skein, it’s a great price for fingering weight yarn. Stroll Tonal has subtle color changes within a skein, which gives it a great depth of color. Being hand painted, it is more expensive at $13.99 a hank, but is still very reasonable for a hand dyed yarn.


While the price may be more budget friendly, Stroll does not show its budget cost. It is very high quality. Unlike other budget yarns, it’s super soft. Wearing projects made with Stroll yarn against your skin is no problem. I’ve also been very impressed with how well it washes up. It dries quickly, and holds its shape super nicely. It has great loft and is color fast.


Wool, a super fiber?

While wool is a fiber more commonly associated with fluffy sweaters and cozy socks, it’s actually great any time of the year! Wool – on the sheep – is actually designed as the perfect temperature control, and we benefit in the same ways with wool yarn! Wool can be super cozy and warm; it’s also useful for wicking and temperature control. This makes working with wool perfect for accessories used while doing fall or winter sports too! Whether skiing, hiking, or just walking around the neighborhood, wool is a great option to keep you the perfect temperature!


Read more about fingering weight yarn and why I love it here!



Other Supplies

The rest of the supply list is pretty small. The only other things you really need are a US K (6.5mm) Tunisian hook with 15” cable, a tapestry needle (these are my favorites) and scissors (aren’t these beautiful?).


I have a set of the WeCrochet Radiant Wood Interchangeable Crochet Hook Set and I really love it! First, they are absolutely gorgeous! I love watching the swirls of purple, navy, maroon, and orange glide through my yarn as I work. I prefer wooden hooks and love how nicely these hooks move through the yarn.


Set Includes:

Radiant Tunisian Crochet Hooks

  • 8 total – E-4 (3.5mm), F-5 (3.75mm), G-6 (4.0mm), 7 (4.5mm), H-8 (5.0mm), I-9 (5.5mm), J-10 (6.0mm), and K-10.5 (6.5 mm)

Black Cables

  • 4 total – 2 each of 24″ and 32″ lengths


  • Snapped clear vinyl needle case, 4 black end caps, and 2 cable keys

I have found this set is just about all I need to complete any Tunisian crochet project all in one convenient, beautiful set.



The Pattern
A special deal for you!

I’m so thrilled to introduce the Tunisian Fade Scarf pattern as part of the Autumn Exclusives event hosted by Fiona of Cosy Rosie UK! As part of this special event, my pattern is available for 50% starting at 8am GMT Monday, October 18th through 8am GMT Tuesday, October 19th! If you’re in the US like me, the special price started way before you woke up so go snag it now, before it’s too late!


The Tunisian Fade Scarf is a tier 2 pattern. Tier 2 patterns are designed to apply the new technique. These patterns include medium size projects that will add basic stitches and design elements to the new stitches or skills learned in the Tier 1 pattern. 


Read more about my tiered pattern system here!


A HUGE ***thank you*** to my amazing testers! They all did such beautiful work! This pattern was tested and tech edited to be as clear as possible. Pattern testers are an important part of the publishing process. I appreciate the time and attention they give! Thank you to my wonderful tech editor Michelle Muskett of Tales of Knots whose attention to detail makes every pattern better! 



 How it works

This special offer is over, but if you haven’t been to Fiona’s website, you really should check out all the amazing patterns from this event! Visit the blog here!




You can now buy the Tunisian Fade Scarf pattern on Ravelry and Etsy! Use the links below to shop!





But wait!

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