Crochet Cast On

Mar 27, 2021

What!? Crocheting and knitting? Yes, absolutely! It may seem a little strange to mix crocheting and knitting, especially if you don’t already do both, but a crochet cast-on is an excellent way to start your knitting! If you start your knitting project with a crochet cast on, it leaves the most beautiful braided edge at the start of your project. But a crochet cast-on is also a fantastic provisional cast on too! Whether you’re doubling up the cuff or neckline of a sweater or creating a super cozy double brim hat, a crochet cast-on is a great way to start!

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You can purchase my Winding Roads Double Brim pattern on Ravelry or Etsy!


There you go! A crochet cast-on is that simple! Whether you’re a seasoned knitter, someone who knits and crochets, or a crocheter who’s just started learning how to knit, a crochet cast-on is a great way to start off any project!

My favorite crochet hooks are Furls hooks, which you can purchase here! If you love to crochet, I highly recommend them! However, if you’re just looking for a hook to use for the crochet cast-on, a more reasonably priced hook can be found here. I also love Clover bamboo knitting needles just like the one used in this tutorial! You can purchase them here!


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