Crochet Cast On

Mar 27, 2021

What!? Crocheting and knitting? Yes, absolutely! It may seem a little strange to mix crocheting and knitting, especially if you don’t already do both, but a crochet cast-on is an excellent way to start your knitting! If you start your knitting project with a crochet cast on, it leaves the most beautiful braided edge at the start of your project. But a crochet cast-on is also a fantastic provisional cast on too! Whether you’re doubling up the cuff or neckline of a sweater or creating a super cozy double brim hat, a crochet cast-on is a great way to start!

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You'll need the knitting needle and yarn the pattern calls for and a crochet hook the same size as your knitting needle.
Make a slip knot, put it on your crochet hook and gently tighten.
Hold your knitting needle parallel to your crochet hook.
Be sure to work with the yarn coming from the ball and not the tail.
Hold your working yarn behind the knitting needle.
Bring your hook in front of your knitting needle.
Wrap the yarn over and in front of your hook.
Grab the yarn with your hook and pull through the loop on your hook.
Move the yarn behind the knitting needle.
Repeat: hook in front, pull yarn through, move yarn behind.
Tip- don't pull the yarn too tight or it will be hard to knit the stitches.
Provisional Cast On: repeat until you have the same number of stitches that are called for in the pattern. Cut the yarn and pull through.
For regular cast on: make one fewer stitches, move the loop from your hook to the knitting needle.
Crocheted cast on makes a beautiful, braided edge.
The Winding Roads Double Brim pattern uses a provisional cast on!
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There you go! A crochet cast-on is that simple! Whether you’re a seasoned knitter, someone who knits and crochets, or a crocheter who’s just started learning how to knit, a crochet cast-on is a great way to start off any project!

My favorite crochet hooks are Furls hooks, which you can purchase here! If you love to crochet, I highly recommend them! However, if you’re just looking for a hook to use for the crochet cast-on, a more reasonably priced hook can be found here. I also love Clover bamboo knitting needles just like the one used in this tutorial! You can purchase them here!


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