Crochet Earrings and Make Them Your Own – The Astana Earring

Sep 14, 2022

Do you ever see or try something and immediately know that you’re going to be obsessed with it for a little while? I do this all the time whether it’s with a new type of chocolate, a gloriously comfortable pair of pants or a new crochet stitch or technique!! When I first saw the crossed single crochet stitch I knew that this was one I was going to be obsessed with for a while! It gives the most unique and gorgeous texture!

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The Inspiration 

I’ve used the crossed single crochet stitch in several gloriously texture-ful patterns but never where it truly got to shine and be the star of the show! I knew that a fun pair of earrings was the answer. Earrings are always a great way to play with new stitches. They make for such quick and satisfying projects!

I had just finished up a triangle inspired project for KnitCrate and knew that working the crossed single crochet stitches into a triangle shape would not only make a great earring; but also, I already had the perfect name for them. Astana is the name of  the town where The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is. Looking at the building, the triangular inspiration is pretty obvious. But, I hope you also find peace and calm in the beautiful stitches and repetitive nature of the pattern!

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Customize Your Earrings

Once I nailed down the shape for the  Astana Earrings (which was more challenging than I thought it would be, who knew one stitch could make such a difference in the shape!?) the inspiration really started flowing! My brain started filling up with so many different ways to customize my earrings that I literally had to write them all down because I couldn’t sleep! My brain kept running through all the possibilities.

Below are ideas for how I modified and embellished my Astana Earrings. While I hope these inspire you; I encourage you to check out my tester pictures for more fun ideas and let your creativity go wild with your own ideas!



Flip your earrings upside down, attaching the earring hook to the flat side of your Astana Earrings and putting a fun tassel at the point! Check out my full tutorial for how to make the perfect tassel here!


Add extra length and a bit of a boho feel to your Astana Earring by adding fringe! Watch my fringe tutorial here. I used 2 lengths of #10 crochet thread in each stitch.


If you prefer a smaller earring, hang three mini Astana triangles together with jump rings for this beautiful look. Mix and match colors for lot’s of unique looks! Learn more about jump rings and other earring finding here.


The possibilities for adding beads to your Astana Earrings are endless! Place a headpin through the top of your earring before seaming to add beads to the top. Create a fun fringe with bead or drape some from the bottom in a dramatic swooping fashion! Let your imagination run wild!

Earrings for Everyone

Crochet earrings are one of my most favorite projects to make! They work up so quickly, you get literally hundreds of yards of thread in a ball of crochet thread, and they make the most special handmade gifts without taking hours and hours to make!

If you are someone who sells your finished crochet work, I highly encourage you to try selling crochet earrings! They are the perfect thing to sell at any craft show or market!! Often, even people who crochet would rather purchase a pair of crochet earrings and then make them themselves! You’ll also stand out from any other crochet vendors that might be at the same craft show!

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