Crochet Thread – Yarn Review

May 7, 2021

The only thing more intimidating then fingering weight yarn is crochet thread, right!? If you haven’t used it yourself, you’ve probably seen it used in elaborate, intricate doilies or possibly even unimaginably time-consuming, gorgeous bedspreads made up by your great-grandma or great-aunt! When I saw those amazingly delicate projects crocheted by my ancestors in crochet thread I never thought that I would make something with that delicate of a yarn! But I’m here to tell you that crochet thread is not your grandma’s yarn! You can make all sorts of modern projects with this fantastic yarn! Keep on reading to learn more about different types of crochet threads and my impressions of them!

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Aunt Lydia’s

The Details

Weight: #10 Crochet Thread

Fiber content: 100% Mercerized Cotton

Yardage: 350 yards

Recommended hook: 1.5mm

Recommended needle: none

Wash instructions: Machine wash gentle cycle, warm water, no bleach, roll in towel and block.

Where you can buy it: JoAnns – in stores and online, Michaels – in stores and online,,


First impression

When I went to design my very first pair of crocheted earrings, I already had a ball of Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread in my stash. I am certain that I purchased this before I had any idea what crochet thread was used for! Other than the aesthetic appeal of the perfectly round ball and crazy amount of yardage, I can’t imagine why I purchased a ball of crochet thread at all! But I was grateful I did when inspiration struck, and I had the yarn I needed on hand!


While I don’t remember what my very first impression of Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread was or even why I bought it, when I first used it, I absolutely loved it! The mercerized cotton gives amazing stitch definition and a slight sheen to any project. It holds up super well to being worked up with tiny steel hooks, tight stitches, and any frogging you might need to do.

What I Made

I have made many pairs of crocheted earrings with Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread! While I’ve never made larger projects with it, I find it to be an excellent choice for small jewelry.


Look & Feel

I’ll be totally honest with you; mercerized cotton thread is my favorite! The process of mercerizing the cotton thread gives it a beautiful sheen that allows those tiny stitches to shine! Read more about mercerized cotton and what it is below!


Stitch Definition

Another reason I love mercerized cotton? The stitch definition! When you’re making something tiny, you definitely want to be able to see all of those itty-bitty stitches! I find Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread to make beautifully defined stitches!


Overall Impression

My overall impression of Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread is that I really liked it! It can easily be found at a wide variety of craft stores. This crochet thread is very reasonably priced and could easily be used for even larger projects without totally breaking the bank. The only downside that I find to Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread is that the color options are somewhat limited in stores. I like a wide variety of bold colors, and I cannot find that in Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread at my local stores.



The Details

Weight: #10 Crochet Thread

Fiber content: 100% Mercerized Egyptian Cotton

Yardage: 400 yards/ball

Recommended hook: 1.5mm

Recommended needle: none

Wash instructions: Machine wash in warm water, gentle cycle only, no bleach. Roll in a dry towel and block.

Where you can buy it: Hobby Lobby in stores and online


First Impression

I remember the first time I stumbled across Artiste Crochet Thread! It was as though the clouds had opened up and angels were singing! I know it seems a bit dramatic but remember the one downside of Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread…lack of color choice. Color choice is where Artiste stands out! You can find all the bold and bright colors as well as gorgeous neutrals that your little heart desires! I have more colors of Artiste Crochet Thread than is polite to admit!


What I Made

I have made all the earrings with artiste crochet thread! I am constantly drawn to the many gorgeous colors I have of this crochet thread. I just can’t help but want to make every new earring pattern in all the beautiful colors!


Look & Feel

Artiste Crochet Thread is also a mercerized cotton crochet thread. Because of this, it also creates beautiful stitches that can be worked very tightly without fear of breaking the yarn. It makes really gorgeous crochet jewelry!


Stitch Definition

This yarn has excellent stitch definition! The mercerized cotton is nice and smooth, with a slight sheen to it. It makes all those tiny stitches in crochet jewelry totally worth it as all your effort can be well seen and admired!


Overall Impression

Artiste Crochet Thread is an excellent choice for crocheting jewelry! While it doesn’t seem quite as sturdy as Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread, it has stood up to every tiny, tight stitch I’ve ever made with it! The color choices are undeniably tempting and make unique and gorgeous jewelry! The one downside is that it’s only available at Hobby Lobby. So if you don’t have a Hobby Lobby nearby, you’ll have to order online.



The Details

Weight: #10 Crochet Thread

Fiber content: 100% Cotton

Yardage:721 yards/100 grams

Recommended hook: 1.5mm-2.25mm

Recommended needle: none

Wash instructions: Hand wash, lay flat to dry

Where you can buy it: online through WeCrochet and KnitPicks


First Impression

I’m always a little nervous when I order yarn online. I tend to be very picky about my yarn and you just can’t squish it on the computer screen! When I first saw Curio Crochet Thread in person, the very first thing I noticed was that it doesn’t shine like mercerized cotton. I was, however, very pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of beautiful and saturated colors!


What I Made

I don’t think you’re going to be surprised when I tell you I crochet jewelry with Curio crochet thread! One of the things I really enjoy about this thread is that some colors run across several yarn lines from WeCrochet. This means that I can have earrings to match my shawl or sweater, and I love to match!


Look & Feel

Having only worked with mercerized cotton in the past, I immediately noticed that the non-mercerized cotton is less slippery. This makes it a great option for crocheters who have never used crochet thread before because it doesn’t slide off your hook quite as easily. The first color I picked up to use was the colorway Natural. I was a little worried because I did have some trouble with that color breaking more easily than I had experienced in the past. Fortunately, no other colorway seemed to be as delicate.


Stitch Definition

I have to confess I was a little nervous about the stitch definition with the non-mercerized yarn. If you’re going to make all those tiny stitches you definitely want them to show! I was pleasantly surprised that Curio crochet thread gave very nice stitch definition. While it did not have the same sheen as the mercerized cotton, the stitches were still easy to see and well defined.


Overall Impression

After designing several patterns with Curio crochet thread, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the stitch definition and sturdiness of all of the colorways outside of the Natural color way. While the Natural colorway works up just as nicely as the other colors, it did not stand up to frogging very well. While I do really love a good mercerized cotton, the Curio crochet thread is a very nice, more natural alternative to mercerized cotton yarn. Non-mercerized cotton is also more absorbent. So while that might not make a difference in making jewelry, if you’re choosing a cotton yarn to make a dish towel, you may want to choose non-mercerized cotton.

What is mercerized?

Mercerized cotton is not a new thing. It was invented in 1844 by John Mercer, hence its name – mercerized. It’s simply a way of treating cotton with sodium hydroxide. While official chemical names of things may sound scary, the process is actually fairly safe and generally non-toxic. This treatment causes the fibers to swell and compact making the cotton fibers stronger. Treating the cotton fibers also allows them to soak up more die allowing vibrant and colorfast colors! The mercerization process also changes the texture of the cotton fibers giving it a really beautiful sheen!


Cotton crochet thread is not your grandma’s yarn. Well maybe it is, but it can be your yarn too! There are many beautiful and modern patterns that are made with crochet thread! I hope this post has helped you to pick the perfect crochet thread for your next project. Click below to pin this review to your favorite Pinterest board so it’s easy to find!



Patterns to try

All fo the patterns below use a 1.5mm hook. You can find my favorive 1.5mm hook here!

Aelia Earrings

Bold and perfect for summer, this earring has 3 variations that you can mix and match for endless possibilities! Purchase here!


First Bud Earrings

Inspired by the first buds poking up as winter turns to spring, these earrings are classic and hopeful! Read more about this pattern here! Purchase here!


Grand Arches Cuff

This bold statement bracelet is perfect for crocheters who are new to thread. It uses a slightly bigger hook than my earring patterns. The repeating pattern makes it easy to master using crochet thread! Purchase here!


Grand Arches Earrings

Who doesn’t love a matching set!? Once you’ve made your Grand Arches Cuff, make yourself a matching pair of earrings! With three variations, you can make a few to give as gifts too! Purchase here!


Picot Crochet Earrings

Each of the three variations in this pattern has a unique and fun feel! Great to dress up or down any outfit. They’re a quick and fun make! Purchase here!


Ruffle Crochet Earrings

This classic ruffle pattern is the perfect accessory for summer- or any time of the year! Make all three variations to add a handmade touch to every outfit! Purchase here!


SEK Loop Earrings

Simple and classic shapes, these will be the earrings you’ll want to wear every day! Make them in all the variations and all the colors so you can! Purchase here!


Simple Tassel Earrings

Exactly what the name says, these simple, beautiful earrings are a great place to start your crochet earring journey! Just be prepared to make several. Crocheted earrings are addictive! Purchase here!

All of the links above will take you to my Ravelry shop. If you’d like to shop my patterns on Etsy, shop here!

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