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Sep 30, 2021

I want to help you expand your crochet skills! I love learning new stitches, tricks and techniques. It’s always fun to see what new and beautiful things you can do with your hook or needle and yarn! I was so excited, and nervous, to start adding video tutorials to all my patterns I’ve published this year. Especially when working with new stitches, I think that visual is super helpful! But this was only the first step in making expanding your skills easier!


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Don’t be like me!


My biggest goal in my business is to help you grow in your craft. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about how I can serve you even better! I thought about my own experience of starting off with a class where I learned the basics. It was thrilling to see what I could make. But I quickly became bored with the basic stitches. When I found more intermediate patterns and felt totally lost. What do all these abbreviations mean? How exactly do you do that fancy stitch and where does it go? I often felt like I was swimming in the deep end after I had just learned to doggie paddle!


More complex stitches and patterns were a big leap from the basics. I felt really overwhelmed and like I’d never move past those basic stitches. I DO NOT want you to feel that way! That’s why I’ve designed my new system of patterns to help you grow your skills in a carefully thought out set of patterns that will take you from learning, to growing, to shining!


It’s not you!

The reason you’ve struggled to grow your skills in the past probably has nothing to do with your skills. You were simply trying to read chapter books before you’d learned the entire alphabet! With the correct guidance you grow and expand your skills with confidence!

Piece of Cake

Expanding your crochet skills and making beautiful items shouldn’t be frustrating. As a former teacher I know that how something is taught can make all the difference. If steps are missed or you advance too quickly confusion happens, which leads to frustration, which can lead to giving up. You don’t need to give up, you just need a different way of learning! The tiered pattern system is intentionally designed to take you from learning a new skill to growing in confidence to shining confidently through more complex projects! You can do it!

Tier 1

Tier 1 patterns are designed to introduce a new technique. They are small, simple patterns that focus on the repetition of one new stitch or skill. You can work these patterns several times to practice and perfect the new stitch or skill. They’re the bottom tier of the cake, setting the foundation for your skills.


Tier 2

Tier 2 patterns are designed to apply the new technique. These patterns include medium size projects that will add basic stitches and design elements to the new stitches or skills learned in the Tier 1 pattern. The next layer of the cake, these patterns will grow your skills by using them in new ways.


Tier 3

Tier 3 patterns are designed to let your skill shine. They are larger, more complex projects that will mix several intermediate stitches or skills to create a gorgeous final project. Like the beautiful cake topper, these patterns will be made to impress and you’ll be ready because of the skills you’ve built!




You might be wondering; do I have to work the patterns in order? Absolutely not! If you have some experience with the stitches in a tier 3 pattern or are ready to dive into a challenge, go for it! The tier 1 and 2 patterns will always be available if you need some practice.

How will I know what patterns go together? Each pattern within the tier system will be labeled and will have links to other patterns that share skills. As the system grows, I will be updating previous patterns to include their tier and which patterns they match with.

Can I buy the patterns in a bundle? Yes, hopefully very soon I’ll be able to make pattern bundles so that you can grow your skills and save some money!

Will there still be photo and video tutorials? You bet! Photo and video tutorials are key to learning trickier techniques. Each pattern will have access to full photo and video tutorials!

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Reverse Shell Stitch



Reverse Shell Coaster – Tier 1

This beautifully textured coaster is a great way to learn the Reverse Shell stitch. This pattern is perfect for perfecting the reverse shell stitch. Quick and easy, you can make it again and again! Buy the Reverse Shell Coaster pattern here!



Marin Earrings – Tier 2

Apply the beautiful reverse shell stitch by taking it tiny with a gorgeous set of earrings. The Marin Earrings make are the perfect accessory and make a unique and special gift! Buy the Marin Earrings pattern here!




Marin Shawl – Tier 3

Stitch up a beautiful shawl working simple increases and decreases, then add the reverse shell stitch pattern to the edge of your gorgeous shawl! This long, narrow shawl is perfect for cool fall weather and keeping extra cozy in the winter! Buy the Marin Shawl pattern here!


Popcorn Stitch



Popcorn Stitch Cozy – Tier 1

This quick and fun cozy features a fun popcorn design and is great for practicing that stitch! Use this cozy as an excuse to get a fancy coffee or pair with a gift card for the perfect coffee gift! Buy the Popcorn Stitch Cozy pattern here! Available October 7th.



Tamzin Cowl- Tier 2

This fun cowl is a coordinating pattern with the Tamzin Hat! It’s beautiful, repeating popcorn design is the perfect complement to the Tamzin Hat! Buy the Tamzin Cowl pattern here! Available October 28th.



Tamzin Hat- Tier 3

Take popcorn stitches to the next level with this classic hat! Adult and child sizes included in this unisex design. Buy the Tamzin Hat pattern here! Available October 25th.



Ellery Hat – Tier 3

This fun, highly textured hat mixes popcorn stitches with other intermediate stitches for a beautiful texture! Make it in one or many colors, adult and child sized, brimmed or brimless, fitted or slouchy! Buy the Ellery Hat pattern here!


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