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Mar 31, 2022

Spring is getting springy around here!! With a change in seasons I’m always excited to start a new project. So, I’m thrilled to give you some tips for how to find the perfect spring, or summer, crochet project!


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Confession, in the past I have been incredibly tempted to purchase all the new spring patterns! Absolutely more patterns that I could ever make! While this can be lots of fun – absolutely no judgment if you do this – the end result, for me, was many unworked patterns and several half finished projects!  If you would like to be a little more focused with your purchases, or even just with the projects you add to your to-do list, follow these 3 steps to find the perfect spring crochet pattern! They all start with “S” too, if you know me, I love alliteration! Ha ha!




Set Your Intention 

I find that when I start new projects on a whim and without a purpose behind them they often end up languishing in my WIP pile unfinished. Taking a few minutes to think about why you want to start a new project and what you might accomplish with it can not only help you to pick a great project; but also, to finish it up quickly. Never fear, this doesn’t need to be some deep search into your soul to find the purpose for this project but just a quick look at what might help you focus in on your next project.


Possible intentions, this is not an exhaustive list! Do whatever helps bring purpose to your project!

Is learning something new something you’ve been craving? 

Do you want to make a gift for someone special?

Would you like to use up yarn from your stash?

How about build your handmade wardrobe ?

Do you have a goal to make something for charity?

Are you interested in filling in a gap in your wardrobe?

Would you like to make something for your kids or grandkids?



Seek Joy

Enjoying what we crochet should be top priority, in my humble opinion. While a hobby is a great place to push yourself to learn new things, to fail and try again, if we don’t enjoy the process we’re missing out on an important part of our hobby! As you think about what is important in the perfect spring crochet project, think about what brings you joy!


Questions to ask about what brings you joy.

What do I love to make the most?

Is there a color that makes me excited right now?

Do I love to give away what I make or keep it for myself?

What’s your favorite yarn weight?

Do you feel satisfied using up yarn from your stash?

Are you excited to buy something new?



Search Carefully 

Now that you know exactly why you want to start a new project and what brings you the most joy in making, it’s time to go searching for a pattern! I find that it is super easy to get excited about a pattern when I see pictures of a beautiful project or yarn that I think is amazing! But, this is not the time for impulse buying!


As you go searching for the perfect pattern, be sure to look critically at the pattern pictures and details. Look carefully at the shapes of the project and make sure they match exactly what you’re looking for. Also, I have definitely fallen victim to purchasing a pattern thinking I knew that it was in a certain yarn weight based on the pictures, only to dive in and find out it was in a different yarn weight. Check all the details of the pattern carefully before you purchase, especially if you are looking to use a specific yarn weight or something special from your stash.


If you’d like an in depth look into how to choose better patterns, you can watch my YouTube video How to Pick Better Patterns here. Remember, Ravelry projects can be a great resource for seeing how patterns look on different body types and in different yarns. Also, Ravelry allows you to search for certain yarn weights and yardage amounts.



I hope you found these 3 tips to help find the perfect spring crochet pattern helpful!  While I talked a lot about purchasing patterns, keep in mind that you can certainly search through patterns you already own and peruse pattern books to find the perfect spring crochet project!


Patterns to try if you’d like to learn something new


Beginner Tunisian Necklace – Shop Ravelry or Etsy

The is a quick, easy pattern. Tested by beginners, it is specifically designed to teach those new to Tunisian crochet how to get started. With endless possibilities for customization its a fun pattern to make over and over!


Beginner Tunisian Bracelet – Shop Ravelry or Etsy

Designed to match the Beginner Tunisian Necklace, these fun lightweight bracelets are fun to make and wear. This pattern is also great for learning Tunisian crochet.


Grand Arches Cuff – Shop Ravelry or Etsy

Use this quick, small pattern to learn the grand arches stitch. Fun for practicing working with crochet thread, this cuff can be a bold bracelet or a beautiful shawl cuff! Mix and match bold or neutral yarn with fun or classic buttons for endless variations on this fun pattern!



Patterns to try if you’d like to make some teacher’s gifts


Granny Square Mug Hugger – Shop Ravelry or Etsy

This fun, scrappy project is perfect for coffee lovers year round! This would make a unique end of the yarn teach gift when worked up in school colors!


Popcorn Stitch Cozy – Shop Ravelry or Etsy

Another great gift for coffee lovers, this fun pattern also helps you learn and perfect the popcorn stitch! Worked with a small amount of yarn, this pattern can be a great way to use up scraps from other projects! Read more about this fun cozy and my other popcorn stitch patterns here!


Reverse Shell Coaster – Shop Ravelry or Etsy

This fun, quick pattern teaches the reverse shell stitch and makes up a truly beautiful and unique coaster. Perfect for a handmade wedding, teacher, or housewarming gift, the receiver is sure to love!


Glennis Necklace – Shop Ravelry or Etsy

Learn two new techniques with working up this beautiful, lightweight necklace. Quick to make with small amounts of yarn, it’s the perfect handmade gift to show you care!



Patterns to try if you’d like a spring shawl


Daylight Dreams Shawl – Shop Ravelry or Etsy

This light weight shawl works up quickly in one or two colors. The simple body alternates solid and lacy sections and is finished off by a row of gorgeous lace!

Read about why you should be crocheting with fingering weight yarn here!


Cordelia Shawl – Shop Ravelry or Etsy

This gorgeous rectangle shawl is a great transition piece from winter to spring. Use it like a scarf and wrap up cozy in it when it’s still cold outside. Then drape it around your shoulders over a sundress in the spring and summer. Read more about this pattern here!


Grand Arches Shawl – Shop Ravelry or Etsy

The unique construction of this shawl makes it fun to work up! With two size options it’s a great shawl for everyone!



Patterns to try if you’d like to try earrings

Read more about crocheting with crochet thread and my favorite yarns here!

Aelia Earrings – Shop Ravelry or Etsy

One of my most fun and customizable patterns, mix and match the three pieces to create fun and unique earrings! Easy to dress up or down, you can wear them every day!


Marin Earrings – Shop Ravelry or Etsy

After you’ve made the reverse shell coaster, you’re ready to take those stitches tiny with the beautiful Marin Earrings. They are a great way to practice those tiny, tight stitches that make crocheted earrings gorgeous!


Picot Earrings – Shop Ravelry or Etsy

 One of my most favorite earring patterns, all those tiny picot stitches give these earrings the most beautiful texture! They remind me of blooming flowers! 



Want to chat more about spring projects? Watch more about this on YouTube! 



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