Crocheted Earrings Pattern, First Bud Earring

Apr 10, 2021

I’m so excited about my newest crocheted earrings pattern! It was the time of year when Winter loses its excitement. The cold was just a little too cold and even the fluffiest snowfalls had lost their magic. If you live somewhere where Winter is wintry, then you know the time of year I’m talking about. It’s about that time of the year that I start dreaming of crocheted earrings! The First Bud Earrings were dreamed up at that very chilly and stark time of winter. Inspired by the hopeful first buds that poke through the soil despite the lingering snow and frost and give us the first hints of spring!

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Introducing the First Bud Earrings

The First Bud Earrings are worked up in number 10 crochet thread around 30 mm earring hoops with a 1.5mm crochet hook. WAIT! Don’t run away! Using tiny hooks and crochet thread isn’t as hard as it may seem! I had never used either before I designed my first pair of crocheted earrings and I promise, you’re going to love it! Crochet earrings are the perfect way to expand your crochet skills and your yarn stash – not that we need any excuse for that, right? The pattern is full of photo and video tutorials to help you master the new skills and stitches! Still don’t believe me, check out these beautiful tester pictures!

The pattern comes with three Styles – First Bud, Triple Bud, and Mini Bud– perfect for any occasion! The First Bud style is the biggest statement of the three, wrapping almost fully around the hoop. If you’re looking for more of a simple look, try out the Triple Bud style. The Triple Bud has three beautiful buds on each earring. The Mini Bud style is a smaller variation on the stitch pattern and is perfectly petite and ready for every day wear!

Are you ready to crochet earrings? I really could not recommend it more! They are a quick and satisfying project, perfect for summer and spring! Crocheted earrings also make the most fantastic handmade gifts! Once you gather the supplies and give the pattern a try, you’ll be ready to start making a bunch for teacher gifts, Mother’s Day, summer birthdays and even those holidays in December…it’s never too early to start!

I used Curio #10 crochet thread to make my First Bud Earrings! You can find Curio #10 crochet thread here! Learn more about different crochet thread options in my crochet thread yarn review.

A special deal for you!

I’m so thrilled to introduce the First Bud Earring pattern as part of the Spring Exclusives event hosted by Fiona of Cosy Rosie UK! As part of this special event, my pattern is available for 50% starting at 8am GMT Sunday, April 11th through 8am GMT Monday April 12th! If you’re in the US like me, the special price started way before you woke up so go snag it now, before it’s too late!

***This special offer has passed, but read here to check out all the amazing patterns that were part of this fun event!

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All of these links connect to my Ravelry shop, but if you’re prefer Etsy, you can find a link to my Etsy shop here!


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