Free Tutorial How to Use a Lucet Fork

Dec 9, 2021

I’m so excited to share with you this free tutorial for how to use a Lucet Fork!  When I first saw a Lucet Fork I knew I wanted to give it a try because it looked like so much fun! What I thoroughly underestimated was how relaxing and satisfying creating cord with a Lucet Fork would be. Using a Lucet Fork takes a little bit of practice but I am certain you will soon find a rhythm and make yards and yards of cord with your Lucet Fork!


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A Very Brief History

While a Lucet Fork might feel new and exciting to you and me, it’s been around for a very long time. Lucet Forks have been found dating back to the 16th century and were used by Vikings and other medieval cultures for making cord.  A Lucet Fork makes a strong cord that does not unravel when cut. ***Runs to try that out!*** Yup! It works, but only from the finishing end, not the starting end.


Tutorial Details

For this tutorial I’m using Brava Bulky Weight yarn in the colorway Dove Heather. This is a great yarn for practicing stitches and yarn crafts. It is sturdy enough to show great stitch definition, but soft and flexible enough to glide easily through the hook, or over the tines of the fork in this case. I’ve made yards and yards of cord with this and it is squishy, beautiful and holds its shape really well! 


For this tutorial I’m using my Furls Lucet Fork. I love the way it feels in my hand. They’ve really paid attention to detail. The handle fits nicely in my hand and has a place to rest my thumb making it easy and comfortable to hold. It’s a little heavier than a wooden Streamline hook, but is still very lightweight & easy to use for longer periods of time. The tines of the fork curve in slightly helping to keep the yarn in place while you wrap it and make tensioning the yarn easier. 


If you’re looking for a more inexpensive Lucet Fork to try or you know a child who would like to try their hand at making cord, I found this one on Amazon



Making cord 

If you’re like me, you saw the Furls Lucet Fork and immediately wanted one! If you didn’t, I’m here to tell you, you’re definitely going to want one! Not only is this a beautiful and easy to use craft tool; but also, I’ve found making a cord with the Lucet Fork to be extremely calming and meditative. Working with the Lucet Fork takes a little bit of practice but I found that tensioning my yarn just like I do when I crochet makes for a uniform cord and small learning curve!


I’ve had lots of fun experimenting with lots of different fiber content and weights of yarn. It’s been interesting to see how they all behave a little differently with the Lucet Fork. I found that a bulky, acrylic yarn is a great place to start. I also enjoyed adjusting my tension a bit tighter for finer weight yarns and even holding several strands together to make a really colorful chord!


Photo Tutorial

Making a chord with your Lucet Fork has three basic steps. First, you will start your cord, which will to get rolling. After that you’ll get in the groove of making your cord, quickly hitting your meditative flow. Lastly, you will tie off the end of your chord so that you’re finished chord has a nice end. The cord has a gorgeous braided look on all four sides and is satisfyingly symmetrical looking on both ends.


Beginning your cord

If you’re using a super bulky or larger yarn, you may need to skip placing the end of your yarn through the hole in the Lucet Fork. You will still follow the rest of the steps at listed.



Working the cord




Finishing off the cord

Cut your working yarn, leaving a 6 inch tail. You can choose to remove the final loops from tines or keep them on.




To get the full feel for how I tension my working yarn and hold the Lucet Fork, watch the video tutorial below.


Video Tutorial



I hope you enjoy making cord and experimenting with your Lucet Fork as much as I have! The cord the Lucet Fork makes has really sparked my imagination and I can’t wait to share with you all sorts of projects and patterns with cord!


Patterns & Projects 



Simple Seasonal Swag – coming soon!

I made my Simple Seasonal Swag to decorate my mantle during the holiday season, but you could easily change up the color combination and length to decorate with it for any season and even hang it over a doorway! This fun and easy project allows you to practice using your Lucet Fork as well as making pompoms!!


Not quite ready to use your Lucet Fork yet? That’s ok! Pin this tutorial for later so it’s easy to find!


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