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Meet the Maker: Handmade by Yarn Mama

Mar 17, 2021

Do you have someone in your life that always has a few kind words and wisdom for you? That person is Nicole for me! She is always blessing me with genuine encouragement, support, and wisdom! She spreads her support throughout the yarn community by regularly testing patterns for a wide variety of designers. I’m so thrilled that she’s taken all she’s learned from pattern testing and begun her own journey in designing patterns! The fiber community is so blessed to have Nicole as part of it!

Nicole Threadgill is the designer behind Handmade by Yarn Mama. Nicole is an avid crocheter who learned the craft as a child. As an adult, she made blankets for just about anyone she knew. After her two sons, now grown, started school, she ventured into crocheting accessories as gifts. A couple of years ago, she tried her hand at pattern testing and found her calling. She is now designing her own patterns; let’s just say her WIPs are endless! She also sells ready-made items and her test samples in her Etsy shop. When she is not crocheting or supporting others in our community, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two pups, hiking, traveling, cooking, and reading.

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