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Jun 6, 2021

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Crochetmous Crew Hat Not Hate MAL 2021! It was so much fun to see everyone’s hat! The Crew Community made over 244 hats for this very deserving event!


I am super proud to be joining with the other admins of the Crochetmous Crew to host the 2nd annual Hat Not Hate make-along! Last year’s make-along was so much fun, and I was incredibly impressed by the number of blue hats made to support such a great cause! Last year, Crew members made 285 hats to donate to Lion Brand’s Hat Not Hate campaign!


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What is Hat Not Hate? 

Started in 2018, Lion Brand’s Hat Not Hate campaign works to bring awareness to anti-bullying efforts. Throughout the year, they collect blue hats, and in October they distribute them to many schools in conjunction with anti-bullying awareness month. They’ve collected over 58,000 hats since they started!


How can I join in?

You can join in by knitting or crocheting blue hats and then sending them to Lion Brand Yarn! Hat Not Hate asks that the hats be between 16 and 20 inches in circumference and are made of 75% blue yarn. You can make your hat from any pattern, using any shade of blue yarn to donate! They need all the hats to arrive at Lion Brand by August 1st. You can find more information about hat requirements and the address to send your hats in here!



Crochetmous Crew MAL!

The Crochetmous Crew admins and I think this is such an awesome campaign and are excited to run our make-along to help encourage lots of makers to send in beautiful blue hats! While you can make any pattern to send in, the Crochetmous Crew admin designers have worked up seven gorgeous, new patterns that will be released throughout the month of June to encourage you to get out your blue yarn and make some hats to donate!


Be sure to join the Crochetmous Crew Facebook page here and sign up for the Crew emails here to get special discount codes for each new hat pattern! Hint, hint, they may be free for the first 24 hours! **wink, wink**


Watch the hat count grow!

One of the most satisfying parts of the event last year was watching the hat count grow! Each week, we will be asking you to share the hats you make on a special post on the Crochetmous Crew Facebook page. These hat counts show that each hat matters and when we work together, we can do amazing things! Be sure to check the Crochetmous Crew Facebook page every Friday to share your hats and watch the count grow!


Did someone say prizes? 

Yes, yes we did! There will be some exciting prizes! Each hat you share on the Crochetmous Crew Facebook page is an entry into an amazing prize at the end of the event! We’ll also be giving a prize for the most hats made, so aim high!



New Hats!

*** I’ll be updating the section every few days as a new hat is released! Bookmark this post and come back here to easily grab the links to all of the new blue hats!


The Collins Beanie

Our first hat is designed by Ashley of Wish Upon A Hook! The Collins Beanie is a thick-brimmed beanie with drop down puff texture that looks superb in a single color, or you can spice it up in a two-tone style. This unisex hat is perfect for donating! Buy the Collins Beanie here!



Beachfront Beanie

This year, Raquel’s family was given a big life change, moving across the country to Florida. Inspired by the beaches and the waves that they will no doubt be seeing a lot more of, the Beachfront Beanie was born. The beanie has wave-like stitches giving the impression of being on the beach. Purchase the Beachfront Beanie here!



California Dreamin’ Beaning

The California Dreamin’ Beanie is inspired by the song that it is named after. California typically has mild winters and is known for boho chic style. This design gives that boho feel with a couple open stitches and easy texture. There are two brim options, either ribbing or brimless. You choose your style. Pair this beanie with its companion piece, the California Dreamin’ Cowl. Get the California Dreamin’ Beanie here!



Glencoe Beanie

Glencoe, in the Highlands of Scotland, is an area renowned for being as rugged as it is beautiful. This modern, highland, tartan-inspired beanie features completely beginner-friendly Tunisian crochet stitches, and is surprisingly fun and easy to make! Buy the Glencoe Beanie here!


Ellery Hat

The Ellery hat has texture galore! The smooth fabric is dotted with fun popcorn stitches that give this hat a cheerful feel! Brimmed or brim-less, adult or child sized, one color or many, this hat has so many options. It works up super quickly, and is perfect for donating to any cause! Buy the Ellery Hat here!



Exceptional Hat

We are ALL exceptional. That’s what this hat hopes to inspire in you. Remember that each of us are unique and have special gifts and talents. It doesn’t matter how plain you feel on the outside. You are wonderful, capable and magnificent. This beanie is just a simple two-row repeat, but it works up quickly and makes a fantastic gift and/or donation item. You can work with bulky yarn or doubled worsted weight. It’ll bust through your blue yarn stash in no time! Buy the Exceptional Beanie here!



Masonry Beanie

The Masonry Beanie was created with a simple combination of stitches that still gives a rich texture. This makes it the perfect design for a donation beanie. It’s double brimmed and gender neutral so any child that receives it can wear it. Buy the Masonry Beanie here!



Need more hats now?

You’re in luck! The Crochetmous Crew designers designed some amazing hats for last year’s make-along! Check out these gorgeous hats and links below to get some fantastic patterns perfect for donating!

Blue Lupine

Full Tilt Beanie

Scout Ridge Beanie

Crochetmous Beanie

Lattice Lace Beanie

Persinette Beanie


More hats from me!

The Be Bold hat works up super quickly and has a gorgeous texture. It’s a unisex style and is great for donating! Purchase the Be Bold Hat here!


The Astoria Beanie is worked in continuous rounds making it the perfect Netflix and chill make! It’s totally customizable with double bimmed, bow brim and brimless versions. You can buy the Astoria Beanie pattern here!



Looking for a knit hat? The Winding Roads Hat is the perfect one! A quick make in bulky yarn, it’s a great introduction to making cables! You can purchase the Winding Roads Hat here!




All links here go to Ravelry. If you’d prefer, shop Etsy here!


Looking for blue yarn? I highly recommend WeCrochet’s Brava! It’s super soft, washable, and comes in lots of great colors! Perfect for crafty donations!


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