Holiday Gift Guide for Yarn Lovers 2023

Nov 8, 2023

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time from now until the end of the year coming up with the perfect gift for everyone else. That means when someone asks me what gift I’d like, I often come up blank. I’m guessing you can relate! As someone who is often on the lookout for good gifts for my family, I know what an enormous help a few good suggestions can make. In that spirit, I’m here to help. Whether you’re a yarn lover yourself or are looking for a gift for a yarn lover, this list will be a huge help! So without further ado, the Holiday Gift Guide for Yarn Lovers 2023!

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These first ten gifts are larger gifts, great for close friends, family members or people you generally spend a little more on or get something extra special. These are not specifically for knitters or crocheters, but are perfect gifts for any yarn lover! Scroll down past the first video for ten more ideas that are smaller and perfect for stockings, mailing across the country or friends you may not spend quite as much on.



Gift #1 – Project Bag

When I first saw this project bag I literally gasped. It was so, so gorgeous – the colors, the woven fabric, that adorable felted bead! I was in love with it all! When I read the description on the Etsy listing I was even more impressed. The artist behind the shop weaves the fabric for these striking bags and then sews it into one of a kind project bags. I had to have one! You can purchase a project bag here!


Things I love about this bag (other than it’s beauty):

  1. It’s fully lined with cotton fabric. This keeps the yarn from tangling with the fibers of the woven fabric.
  2. Pocket! Who doesn’t need a pocket? I love one to stash my stitch markers in.
  3. Sturdy and fine zipper. The zipper has fabric stoppers so you don’t have to worry about the pull falling off. The tines of the zipper are super small so the yarn doesn’t get caught in them.
  4. Wrist strap! I’m always carrying around a bunch of stuff so being able to slip the wrist strap over my hand is super helpful!



Gift #2 – Yarn Bowl

I’ll be honest, I never really desired to purchase a yarn bowl, but when one came in my last Twice Sheared Sheep surprise box I, of course, tried it out! Yarn bowls can be super handy. They’re best for small projects and, especially a yarn bowl with a lid, really keeps your yarn in place while it unwinds. While Twice Sheared Sheep doesn’t sell yarn bowls on their website, I’ve found an almost identical one by BambooMN here! I’m also totally in love with this fun ceramic one by 2nd Stop. It’s art and a handy tool all in one! They’re a beautiful way to leave your project laying around and they make a great gift for any yarn lover!





Gift #3 – Blocking Mats

I spent years hunched over children’s playmates pinning my handmade items down over bumpy, cutouts of letters. This was always a tedious and frustrating task. Once I finally invested in some nice blocking mats I couldn’t believe I had spent so many years without them! These blocking mats are definitely worth the splurge, especially if someone else is giving them to you as a gift! I purchased these blocking mats on Amazon and love them for several reasons. First, they are nice and thick. This allows me to place my pins in without worry that I might be damaging the flooring or table on the other side of them. Second, they have a straight line grid. This helps me keep my straight lines if the projects I’m blocking have straight edges and helps me make sure my blocked items are symmetrical. While I’ve only blocked one sweater, I did absolutely love the circle lines on these blocking mats. They made it super simple to block my neckline into a really nice shape. They also come in a carrying case, which helps me keep my closet organized.

If you’re looking for more affordable blocking mats, I highly recommend these blocking mats from WeCrochet. They are still nice and thick, and have helpful gridlines, but they are a bit less expensive than my favorites and would still make a great gift.


Gift #4 – Blocking Pins

You. Guys. If you’re going to be blocking a lot (or even a little )you are going to want these blocking pins! If you have ever hunched over an enormous piece carefully putting in one pin at a time then I’m sure you immediately understand why these blocking pins are like magic! They are like putting in several pins all at once! They decrease the amount of time it takes to pin down a blocked item immeasurably! I absolutely love them and use them all the time!



Gift #5 – Maker Gear

Not to pat myself on the back, but I’m going to take a little credit for this amazing t-shirt. I LOVE everything about it – the saying, the fabulous flowers, the colors, and the shirt is so soft – it’s just great! While I can’t take credit for any of that, I did pester the talented maker – and my friend – to make this, which was originally a sticker, into a t-shirt! Because Bonnie is so, so nice she made me the shirt of my dreams! Not only that, but she also made it into a super fun tote bag. Check out the wide variety of shirt colors and order yours here. Once you’ve done that, grab the matching tote bag and maybe a sticker too!



Gift #6 – Yarn Spinner

If you hate it when you’re working on a project and your ball or cake of yarn goes rolling across the room, then I have the perfect solution for you. A yarn spinner – pictured above with the blue yarn – sits firmly on a table and smoothly spins as you work. It’s great for keeping your yarn in place. Working with two balls held together? It’s even better for that! Just stack them on top of each other and you’re ready to go! This is another tool that you could live without, so it makes the perfect gift since you might not splurge on it for yourself!


I purchased this yarn spinner from Papa Jack’s Woodworks and have been incredibly impressed with the craftsmanship. The wood is super smooth and will not snag your yarn. The spinning mechanism is very smooth, unwinding the yarn flows so nicely off the spinner. I bought the cedar spinner and extra bonus, it smells wonderful! Get your yarn spinner here.


Gift #7 – Yarn Caddy

I have been wanting to take my yarn walking with me for quite some time now. When I saw this nifty tool – pictured above with the beautiful, colorful leaves – I really, really wanted one! While I haven’t taken it walking yet, I have given it a go while standing in my craft room and it’s just so much fun! I purchased my yarn caddy a while back and when I went back to Lemonwood Fiber Tools’ Etsy shop just the other day they had so many more amazing designs…I may need another one! Grab your favorite yarn caddy before I snatch them all!



Gift #8 – Swift

This is another one of those items that I don’t know how I lived without! If you’ve ever bought yarn that comes in a skein or hank- that twisty, long loop of yarn – and tried to wind it by hand you know what I mean. To do this by hand you have to open the skein, wrap it around something, maybe the back of a chair, your feet or a very patient partner’s hands. It often gets tangled, only adding to the time and frustration of the whole situation.

Once you have a swift, you just place the yarn around the swift and wind the yarn into a ball. The swift spins smoothly, unwrapping the yarn as you wind it up. Even if you’re winding a ball by hand, the swift makes it so much easier.

Looking for swifts can be a bit overwhelming. There are several kinds and they can really span the price range. I found two on Etsy that I think would be nice options. The first swift is that kind of swift that I use – an umbrella swift by Sia Official. There are also table top swifts like this beautiful one from The Knit Store! Either would make a great gift!


Bonus – Ball winder

If you want to make the job of winding yarn extra easy, pair your swift with a yarn ball winder! Interestingly, this handy machine will wind your yarn into a cake and not a ball, but that doesn’t matter because it turns a 45 minute job into a 5 minute job. Use it along with the swift to wind skeins of yarn into cakes or frog that project you’re never going to finish in record time. Once you get the hang of using your yarn ball winder it will save you so much time!



Gift #9 – Craft Light

I’ve been eyeing this one since I first came across my social media feeds. We don’t have any overhead lighting in our living room so it’s hard to find a good place to crochet in there. With the gloomy, rainy weather we’ve been having this fall and with the days getting shorter and shorter I know I’ll be using this light often this winter. I know lots of yarn lovers are in my same situation with short days and dim rooms. It’s another one of those items I probably wouldn’t just buy for myself, but is so handy that it makes an awesome gift! I have a Knitting Light by Lumos & Lumos and its quality and well thought out design have blown me away. See my full gushing on my YouTube video below. Grab your Lumos & Lumos Light here!

Places you can use your craft light

  1. Watching a movie with the family in the basement.
  2. Riding in the car when it’s dark.
  3. In bed while your partner sleeps.
  4. Hiding in the closet from your family – ha ha!



Gift #10 – Handmade Mug

If you know me then you know I love a good handmade mug. I truly think the love that goes into the creation makes the drinking experience all the more enjoyable! There is an incredibly talented ceramicist who is local to me and I love everything they make. Rinn makes the most beautiful mugs of all sorts, but I was lucky enough to be able to request a custom mug. They did an amazing job with my sheep mug and it brings me so much joy every time I drink out of it. If you’d like one of Rinn’s mugs you can check out their Facebook page here to see what’s available for sale or to send them a message to request a custom order. If you’d like a yarn specific mug, send an email to my local yarn shop owner Sara. I’m sure she’d love to help you out!



So there you have it! The Holiday Gift Guide for Yarn Lovers that aren’t yarn! I hope you found some gifts that you’d love to receive and give! While some of the links above go to larger companies or Amazon, I highly encourage you to look around for these items made by small businesses, sold by local artisans or at your local yarn shop. It is always wonderful to be able to support small businesses and local artisans!


Affiliate Links

I’d also like to share a quick note on affiliate links. Many of the links above are affiliate links. When you use these links and purchase items I earn a small commission. This does not increase the price you pay, but does support my small business business. I would be so appreciative if you would use these links when shopping! You can even pass this blog post along to your loved ones so they can purchase your gifts through them. Thanks as always for your support!


Watch 10 Gift Ideas for Crocheters and Knitters Large Gifts on YouTube



Small Gifts


Gift #11 – Gauge Ruler

I know that just reading the word gauge is probably more likely to give you feelings of annoyance and frustration than holiday cheer but stick with me! If you want to make items that truly fit well you need to master gauge. While this can be frustrating it is so much easier to do with the right tools. A gauge ruler like the one shown above makes measuring your gauge so, so much easier. And when it’s beautiful like this one, it’s so much more enjoyable too. If you don’t have a gauge ruler in your tool kit, this would be a great holiday gift. Check out the gorgeous gauge ruler that I purchased here. Or browse all of the Sunrise Grove’s stunning designs here. No matter which one you pick, it will be a helpful tool and a wonderful gift for any yarn lover.

Gift #12 – Wraps Per Inch Tool

If you have a yarn lover on your list that’s hard to shop for because they already have all the cool tools and gadgets, this is the gift you’ve been looking for. A less common tool, the wrap’s per inch tool can be super handy and this one is perfect for yarn lovers and yarn spinners alike. So many helpful tools on 1 side, so much gorgeousness on the other shop here for the amazing bee wraps per inch tool that I purchased or check out all of Sunrise Grove’s wonderful wrap per inch tools here.



Gift #13 – Notions Tin

If you want to talk about a tool that I use every day and could not live without these notions tins are it. Every time I pull that silly sheep out of my project bag it makes me smile and it’s super practical too. Inside my notion’s tins you will find stitch markers, a small pair of scissors, and a tapestry needle. Keeping those tools inside means that anytime I need to take my yarn on the go I am ready! Share the gift of organization with the yarn lover in your life with this practical and fun tool.


Gift #14 – Small Scissors

A small pair of sharp scissors made for cutting yarn and thread is a crafting tool that no yarn crafter can do without. I own lots of pairs of tiny scissors and would not be the least bit upset if I got another pair or two as a holiday gift. I love my teeny tiny scissors from Twice Sheared Sheep because they fit so nicely into my tins and make them easy to take on the go. My slightly larger but still small pairs of scissors are kept in a Mason jar on the shelves in my craft room, ready to go whenever I need a pair just for travel. They fold so nicely, are airplane-friendly, and won’t poke you as you reach into your project bag. Grab a pair of Twice Sheared Sheep’s tiny snips right here. Pick out what color small scissors you’d like on Amazon or snag these super handy travel scissors.



Gift #15 – Shawl Cuff

I know a lot of knitters and crocheters who love to make shawls but don’t wear them as often as they like. I feel like the solution to not wearing your shawls and wraps is a shawl cuff. Like a fun little bracelet for your shawl, it helps hold your shawl in place so you’re not fussing with it throughout the day. It also adds an extra layer of fun and beauty to your handmade item. This is another wonderful holiday gift for the yarn lover in your life who has everything as they probably haven’t thought about accessorizing their accessories. Grab the fantastic shawl cuff I’ve pictured above here or check out all of Sunrise Groves beautiful shawl cuffs here.



Gift #16 – Lotion

I was not nearly so picky with my lotions and potions before I started yarn crafting. I would just slap on any old lotion and off I would go. But now that I’m often putting on lotion or salve and then knitting or crocheting I need just the right balance of moisture and quick absorption so that my moisturizing routine doesn’t mess up my yarn tension. When I found the Tuft Lotion bars I knew I had found that balance. They’re highly moisturizing formula absorbs nicely into your skin and with the addition of lanolin it will even moisturize your yarn as you work. They come in very portable little tins and so many amazing scents. These little lotion tins would make an excellent stocking stuffer or a fun addition to a spa pack and they’re beautiful enough to stick right to the top of a gift as a sheepy decoration.


Gift #17 – Wool Wash

Don’t judge me but I have truly grown to enjoy blocking my finished projects. It just gives them such a final polish that it makes me happy! But I found that when I used a liquid wool wash, I would end up using it up so quickly. I was throwing away tons of tiny packets and little plastic bottles. When I saw that Tuft Woolens had a wool wash bar soap I was so excited to give it a try. I have found that not only has it lasted so much longer than I expected, but also I’m super pleased with the complete lack of trash that it produces. It comes in a gorgeous paper packaging that can be recycled. Then once you use it up there’s nothing to throw away. Their soap can also be used for your hands and body making it a great gift for everyone, not just yarn lovers!



Gift #18 – Stickers

I’m not gonna lie, I feel like this is a bit of a bonus extra bonus gift idea because, wow, there are so so many beautiful stickers for makers, AND everyone loves stickers. So, ask for yarn themed stickers for yourself and then grab a fun sticker for every single person on your gift list. If you’re looking for gorgeous and sturdy yarn themed stickers I highly recommended Woodland Stitchcraft stickers. Bonnie has over 29 designs of stickers and I love them all! Just like project bags, I firmly believe you cannot have too many stickers in your life. I have put them on my notebooks for designing, my coffee mugs, my water bottles, my notepad for writing lists in… they are everywhere and they make me so happy! Extra, extra bonus of stickers, they are super duper easy to mail off to friends and loved ones. What a wonderful surprise yarny gift to receive a nice card and a thoughtful sticker in the mail!



Gift #19 – Stitch Markers

I know, I know you’re going to tell me you already have too many stitch markers but I’m here to tell you you need a few more. These stitch markers are not just fun and colorful, they are also super duper useful. I grabbed a set of the numbered stitch markers to help me when I have lots of chains or stitches to count and I know that for sure I will reach for them often when I’m starting a project. 



Raise your hand if you like to have lots of projects going at once and you have a favorite hook size but not a million of that favorite hook size. That’s me! Have you ever taken a hook from a project only to return to that project and find you can’t remember what hook size you were using? I certainly have and it can be very very frustrating. With a set of lettered stitch markers that’s not a problem anymore! Just put the coordinating stitch marker on your project, take the hook and then when you come back to that project you’ll know exactly what hook you need! I know these are going to save me some giant headaches in the future.



Gift #20 – Faux Fur Pom Poms

The only thing better than a handmade hat, a giant fluffy handmade pom pom to go on top of it. I know that sometimes handmade pom poms can feel like a bit of a splurge but the ones I got from No Hooks Given are really high quality and very fairly priced. Sarah, yes she’s name Sarah too, hand makes so many beautiful pom poms in really gorgeous colors! Not only do you get to choose what amazing faux fur your pom pom is made out of, you also get to choose how big or small you want your pom pom to be  as well as how you would like to attach it to your hat. I chose to have snaps so that if my hat ever gets dirty I can simply take the pom pom off, throw my hat in the wash and then snap it right back on my clean hat!


Watch 10 Gift Ideas for Crocheters and Knitters Small Gifts on YouTube



I hope you enjoyed this Holiday Gift Guide for Yarn Lovers! Pin this post for later so you can easily come back to it or share it with friends and family!

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