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Meet the Maker: Amour Fou – Crochet

Aug 8, 2022

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Welcome to another Meet the Maker interview! I’m so excited to introduce you to Carla Mitrani of Amour Fou – Crochet! Carla is a talented designer who has amazing talent for designing dolls! They’re truly amazIng! It was also fun to get to know her better and chat about her maker journey!





My name is Carla Mitrani and I am the designer behind ‘Amour Fou Crochet’. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am married and I have two sons, both redheads, age 14 and 11. We also have a dog, Peppa. I studied Social Communication and I currently work as a TV producer for a weekly talk show on National Politics. My country lives in a never-ending political turmoil with constant crisis in the making, so I never get bored.


Ten years ago I took a 2-months workshop to learn to crochet amigurumi and I have never stopped crocheting since then. At first I made dolls using patterns made by other designers but then I began designing my own dolls. I love the entire process: coming up with the idea, making the first drawings, thinking how their hairs will be or what they’ll wear and, of course, crocheting them. Holding them in my hands when they are finished is the best! I worked in editorial projects with Thunder Bay Press and I have two books published by David & Charles: Crochet Iconic Women and Crochet Zodiac Dolls. They are my babies. I am really proud of them!







Crochet Iconic Women
In this photo you can see my book and its translations to 4 different languages. I am so proud of its journey and how it can be use to inspire new generations with the trailblazing and extraordinary lives of these incredible women.

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