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Meet the Maker: Chalia’s Craft

May 2, 2022

Welcome to another Meet the Maker interview! I’m so excited to introduce you to Chalia Delarosa ofChalia’s Craft! Chalia is a talented designer with a love of crochet earrings, which you know I love too! It was also fun to learn more about her and chat about her maker journey!





I’ve been crocheting professionally for approximately 5 years. When I was 14 my sister showed me how to chain and single crochet but I wasn’t hooked until a friend from church showed me how to read patterns when I was 24. From there I used free crochet patterns from yarn brands, and information from YouTube and The Crafty Yarn Council to help develop my skills and knowledge of crochet.


I began my business in 2016 selling hair accessories and polymer clay earrings. I didn’t begin writing and selling patterns until 2017. At that time I was looking for a way to make practical items for my home but it was a challenge to find home décor patterns that fit my aesthetic so I decided to make my own. Around that time I also struggled to find dainty crochet earring patterns so I turned to needle tatting instead. But in June of 2018 I decided to just go ahead and begin crocheting my own earrings using thread and beads like I did with needle tatting. My first earring patterns were a series of 3 that I wrote in the same day: Morning Dew, Summer Rain, and Forever Beautiful. At that time crochet earring patterns were not very popular and I almost gave up trying to sell my earring patterns but I enjoyed writing them so much that I did continue to write them and with the encouragement of my fellow designer friends Rachel and Rebekah of Warming the Heart, I continued to try to sell them. I’m so glad that I did because earring patterns have definitely become more popular over the years and I hope that they will continue to do so. Live, Love, & Craft! -Chalia D.








Diamond Luxe Throw
The beautiful throw combines high texture stitches and geometric shapes for the perfect modern home décor!



Jasmine Earrings

These fun earrings combine beautiful stitches and beads for an earring you’ll want to wear every day!




Ivy Plant Hanger

A great addition to any home!

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