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Meet the Maker: Cornbread and Honey

Mar 21, 2023

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Welcome to another Meet the Maker interview! I’m so excited to introduce you to Tanya Hynes of Cornbread and Honey! Tanya is and amazingly talented yarn dyer and wonderfully generous and kind person. I just know you’re going to love her and her yarn!





My name is Tanya and I have been dyeing since 2015. I needed a distraction from losing my beloved chocolate lab, Basil. She was only 5 but lived a life of illness and the kindest thing I could do for my friend was to let her go but left me heartbroken. I turned heartbreak into joy. I love creating and developing new colors. I also do custom orders. I create my colorways from the things around me and from inspirational pictures. Pinterest is great for finding new color combinations. We added in our lotion bars, Hive bars, in 2018. Earrings, trinket trays and stitch markers were added in 2022. This year we added more fun things to our online shop to be a full service shop. You can also find notions pouches, skein coats, scissors, needle threaders and much more. My days start with getting the kids off to school and work…..5 of the 6 still are at home. I feed the animals. We have a managery here a bearded dragon, leopard gecko, 2 guinea pigs, a dworf pea puffer fish, a fahaka puffer fish and a killer cat. After everyone is gone and fed I get to work. I time block to get all of the tasks completed that I need to in a day. It is a huge range from laundry to dyeing, the grocery shopping, shipping, returning emails and appointments. I am constantly moving. But I like it that way. This was supposed to be a hobby but it became everything and a way to start a new life. Our new life started this year and we left the old one behind and it feels amazing. I love what I get to do everyday. I love the joy and happiness it brings to others. Nothing compares to someone in your booth telling you that your colorway meant something to them. I hope you come along for the ride…it’s been a wildly colorful one so far.







This gorgeous colorway is a mix of every bold color you could possibly want. You’ll enjoy any project you work up in this colorway as you watch the stunning colors glide thought your fingers and become a beautiful finished project! The colorway Hysteria is shown above in a Bulky weight full skein, whose fiber content is 100% super wash Merino. It is a plush  3 ply yarn. Each skein contains 106 yards/100 grams.

Shenanigans Mohair
If you’re looking for a truly ethereal yarn then this 72% kid mohair 28% silk is exactly what you need! Worked up on it’s own it creates and gauzy, cloud like fabric. When held double with another yarn it add a bit of lugsury and fluff to any project. This mohair yarn is a lace weight mohair with 1ply. Each skein is a generous 459 yards/50 grams.

If you’re craving spring or summer then you’re in luck – wink, wink! This gorgeous colorway will chase away any dreary weather or moods and is sure to bring happiness to any project. This colorway is available on several bases.
Fingering weight, 75% sw merino/25% nylon, 462 yards/100 grams

Fingering weight half skein, 75% sw merino/25% nylon, 231 yards/50 grams

Dk weight, 75% sw merino/25% nylon, 246 yards/100 grams

This stunning colorway is an incredible mix of truly regal colors. The shades of bold and purple are fit for a queen – just like you! This colorway comes in two bases.

Fingering weight single ply high twist, 100% Super Wash Merino, 400 yards/100 grams

Fingering weight full skein, 100% Super Wash Merino 3ply, 490 yards/100 grams

These adorable little gnomes are perfect for keeping track of your beginning of round, places of increase or decrease, counting out stitches and so much more! Lightweight and durable, each is made out of polymer clay and fitted with a bulb pin making it perfect for your knitting and crochet projects!




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