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Meet the Maker: Rosy Birch Designs

May 26, 2022

Welcome to another Meet the Maker interview! I’m so excited to introduce you to Jazzy Steele of Rosy Birch Designs! Jazzy is a talented designer who is incredibly dedicated to the yarn community and is so supportive of other makers! It was also fun to get to know her better and chat about her maker journey!





I’m a dog mom, pathologist and maker! I’ve got a sweet English Golden, Tuk, who is the love of my life. I’m a board certified anatomic and clinical pathologist, currently working on subspecializing in Transfusion Medicine and Pediatric Pathology. Pathologists are the “doctor’s doctor”. We use microscopes to analyze tissue that comes off of or out of the body, and determine what the diagnosis is. We also run the lab for the hospital for blood work and specimens. I’m subspecializing in Transfusion, meaning I will be in charge of the blood supply for a hospital, and will do Apheresis procedures for sick patients. I also will have the certifications to run a blood donor center. As a Pediatric Pathologist, I will be making microscopic diagnoses for kids.


I learned how to knit and crochet when I was just 7 years old from my Granny and my Mum. I took to it immediately as I loved that I could turn a straight line into a 3D object. As I grew up, we realized it helped my fidgeting immensely (so it was a productive win-win!). I started designing for myself in my early teens – I didn’t share back then though. I tested and released my first pattern in 2017, with encouragement from the yarn community. Since then, I’ve released about 100 different patterns! I incorporated Rosy Birch Designs as an LLC in 2019 when I decided I wanted to share the stitch markers I was always making for myself too. I’ve dabbled in dying, spinning and weaving thanks to the yarn community too!








The Scarlett Infinity Scarf
This is a knit diagonal cabled scarf, and one of my absolute favorite patterns to this day. It is one of the few samples I’ve made that I kept for myself, and is my go to scarf 100x over. (And a pattern I’m currently reworking/streamlining!)

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