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Meet the Maker: Twice Sheared Sheep

Feb 22, 2023

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Welcome to another Meet the Maker interview! I’m so excited to introduce you to Dawn Prickett of Twice Sheared Sheep! Dawn is the founder and owner of Twice Sheared Sheep, a company whose mission it is to bring a little more joy to a craft that we love. The work to put a smile on every knitter’s face, and to help them feel that flutter of excitement deep in their chest each time they pick up their needles. Don’t worry though, Dawn crochets too and Twice Sheared Sheep has some wonderful craft accessories for crocheters!





Dawn is a knitter, designer, and mother of 5. She is the owner of Twice Sheared Sheep, a knitting tools company, and spends her days creating brain saving tools designed to let you stress less and knit more.








Firefly Dreams Storage Tin

The Firefly Dreams stitch marker storage tins helps to keep all your pretties safe in one place. Great for organization and taking your notions on the go. The storage tins come in lots of fun prints and both a small and large size. Shop the Firefly Dreams Tins here! The adorable scissors can be found here and the beautiful stitch markers also come in a crochet style and can be found here!



Circle Row Counters

The Circle row counters are such a helpful tool for keeping track of rows and pattern repeats! Never question whether you’ve marked your row again! Circle Row counters are great for knitters and can be found here. Row counters that a great for crocheting can be found here!

More tools for Knitters

Pictured first are Extension cords. These cords come in 3 sizes inside this handy storage tin. They make trying on your sweater super easy! Circle Extension cords can be found here. Tip ties point protectors help keep your stitches safely on your needles when you set down your work. They also protect the points of your needles from damage and protect you from getting poked! Tip Ties can be found here! Each pack contains 6 Tip Ties to protect all your projects!


Some of My Favorites

Full disclosure, I’ve been an affiliate with Twice Sheared Sheep for a couple months now. After a couple less than perfect affiliate opportunities, I’m being much more selective about the products I share. When Dawn reached out to me I was hesitant. But after talking to her, I KNEW that she had a heart for serving the yarn community, which is so important to me. Once I had an opportunity to try their products, I was hooked – pun intended, ha ha! Below are a few of my most favorite Twice Sheared Sheep products that I love and use regularly. I hope you love them too!


I am absolutely obsessed with my sassy sheep notions tin! It brings be joy every time I open it to get out something I need. I pack it up with tiny scissors, stich markers, and a tapestry needle and I have everything I need for crocheting on the go! I love my tiny bamboo scissors! They’re adorable, sharp and fit perfectly in my sassy sheep tin!  You can check out the tin here and the scissors here! There are lots of adorable tins which you can see here! The hat pictures above is my Astoria Beanie! It has 4 styles, check out the pattern here!


I think these Right Side, Wrong Side stitch markers are GENIUS! When a right side and wrong side are important, but hard to tell apart, these stitch markers make it super easy. Why struggle when you can just use these!? You can snag a set here!

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